what does deep cleaning consist of?

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Importance of cleaning in life

Cleaning is an important part of human life. In other words, our life depends on it because it is a constant need of human beings. In medieval times, Cleaning was not considered as important as now. Earlier, the Major focus of cleaning was to prevent diseases and there was no significant method that our ancestors followed to have proper hygiene it was Because of a lack of resources and technologies, unlike today, in modern times we have advanced levels of equipment and cleaning materials that are used to clean areas.

In the modern era, cleaning has more meaning to it as compared to earlier times. At present cleaning is one of the most important things in our lives. It is practiced all around the world in different forms. Now it is not restrained to only personal hygiene, but it is extended to other areas such as commercial cleaning, in commercial cleaning there are numerous types of cleaning for example: deep cleaning, post-construction cleaning, janitorial cleaning, so as per the business requirement business owner determines which type of services they need to opt for.

The recent pandemic made it even more crucial for business entities to have a robust cleaning regime for their business premises as it holds a higher risk of spreading the infection because of the higher frequency of visitors that need intense cleaning practice. We keep ourselves clean to stay away from diseases, the same way business entities also need to keep their premises clean to achieve their goals and be successful so that employees can work without any hindrance because a clean environment brings positivity to the people around and keeps them motivated to thrive.

Commercial cleaning requires expertise, experience, and an understanding of the fundamentals of the cleaning process that’s why it is always advisable to hire a cleaning professional who can meet expectations and provide services to businesses.

Different types of cleaning

Different businesses require specific types of cleaning. The evolution of cleaning began with the constant growth of various industries. Cleaning is not limited to only wiping shelves and picking up rags. Now we have corporate offices, construction sites, chemical industries, and household cleaning, different sectors require different levels of cleaning regimes.

For example, Construction sites involve demolition activities, loading, and unloading of raw materials for the building, and carpenters cutting wooden blocks for furniture, so all these activities gather debris which has to be cleared once the construction work is finished and it should be done only by professionals who have expertise in handling post construction cleaning as debris may contain pointed objects, broken pieces of glass, molded nails, rusted pieces of iron and many more items that could harm someone if not taken care of, professionally.

Just like post-construction cleaning, chemical industrial cleaning requires great attention and expertise with prior experience as even a slight mistake could lead to a blunder. Hence, cleaning a hazardous site requires a whole different level of expertise.

Household cleaning is done less often than other types of cleaning, although homeowner keeps their houses clean when it comes to deep cleaning, it is only done when it is required for example house renovation leaves debris that needs a deep cleaning or maybe a part of the house needs to be clean properly that’s where deep cleaning could be opted for.

On the other hand, corporate offices are bound to choose a professional cleaning service provider because the frequency of footfall remains high most of the time in offices, cleaning in offices is more frequent than in any other areas we discussed earlier, littering like spilling coffee on desks, water spillage, cafeteria dustbin getting filled, bathrooms are used by employees and visitor, demands constant cleaning regime with an organized plan of execution.

Hence, there are multiple types of cleaning for different types of business models.

Components of deep cleaning

Let’s understand deep cleaning components in detail which will give us more clarity about it. Deep cleaning ensures that covers all parts of the premises. Without covering all components, deep cleaning would be considered incomplete.

  • Restroom Cleaning: This area needs more attention as compared to other parts of any premises, it requires constant deep cleaning that includes wiping the area near the washbasin, cleaning inside the washbasin, refilling toilet paper, emptying the dustbin, filling up the tissue paper cabin and change naphthalene balls in the urinal. The restroom requires constant deep cleaning with great attention.
  • Cubicle Cleaning: Cubicles get dirty easily as employees work at their desks with their system and sometimes, they bring tea or coffee to the workstation that leaves stains on the table and the area under the cubicle’s dustbin area also needs to be cleaned frequently. Constant sanitization and wiping shelves are included in the deep cleaning of the workstation area.
  • Cafeteria Cleaning: This place remains crowded for most of the working hours, hence deep cleaning for this area requires slightly extra effort, to keep the area clean, it involves clearing the dustbin, sanitizing the table and chairs, cleaning the counter area, mopping the floor to remove any spill and stain. Since it is an area where employees and visitors come and have their meals, it requires deep cleaning with great attention to detail.
  • Window and Glass Cleaning: Deep cleaning for windows and glass consists of using liquid glass cleaner with a short piece of cloth to remove hand stains and water spots, the same goes for window cleaning.
  • Electronics Cleaning: All the computers, laptops, cables, and other electronics need to be cleaned regularly, deep cleaning for electronics helps to kill any bacteria and germs on the desks or systems.
  • Entry doors and reception area cleaning: doors are the most frequently touched objects while opening and closing the gate, and table and sofas at the reception areas, so the door handles need to be properly cleaned along with the table and sofas.

Is it important to hire a professional cleaner?

The Importance of hiring a professional cleaner solely depends on Business size, frequency of footfall, and type of business. On the other hand, professional cleaners always analyze the scope of work, risk factors, and intensity of cleaning and devise a strategy to provide the service based on all these factors. While business entities cannot handle cleaning work on their own as it takes resources, expertise, and workforce, they lack prior experience in it and do not have a team that could efficiently perform the work. Hence, hiring a professional cleaner is a must and important for the reasons mentioned below:

  • Quality of Cleaning: Cleaning is not as simple as it looks, there is a difference when hiring a professional cleaner, as they are proficient in removing dirt, and stains and cleaning the area effortlessly with the right type of equipment and cleaning products.
  • Time-Saving: One of the most important factors is time-saving when it comes to hiring a professional cleaner. Cleaning can be time-consuming but hiring the right professional cleaner can save a lot of time for the company and allows businesses to focus on other tasks while they take care of the cleaning duties.
  • Consistency: Professional cleaners have a perfect cleaning regime and protocol to make sure a constant level of cleaning standards is maintained. Consistency is the key when it comes to providing cleaning services to business entities where footfall is higher.
  • Professional cleaning tools: Cleaning a large area requires professional tools that are effective and don’t require much effort to use. Professional cleaners have the kind of tools and skills for cleaning purposes, that provide a high level of cleanliness.
  • Hiring a professional cleaner can be a boom to a business because it can bring a lot to the table other than just cleaning. For example: positive environment, great place to work, proper hygiene, satisfaction to the employees and visitors.
How frequently should an office have a deep clean?

Size of the office, nature of the business, foot traffic, and customized cleaning requirements, all are factors that play a major role in determining the frequency of deep cleaning, however, it is recommended to opt for deep cleaning from time to time or regularly. Here are some points that help to decide the frequency of deep cleaning required:

  • Daily or weekly cleaning: Daily or weekly cleaning helps to maintain a basic level of cleanliness and hygiene in the office. This includes clearing the dustbins, removing stains and dirt from the glasses, and sanitizing workstations and cubicles.
  • Occasional cleaning: Special events or functions at offices require deep cleaning before and after the event, this includes floor cleaning, polishing floors, cleaning corners of the doors and walls, all these just to make sure the ambiance looks appealing for the special event.
  • Monthly deep cleaning: Other than basic cleaning, some areas do not get proper attention during routine cleaning, for that purpose monthly deep cleaning is opted for, some areas like under the carpet, behind the furniture, backside of the curtains, and other areas that are not easily reachable for cleaning purpose.

All in all, the frequency of deep cleaning completely relies on business requirements and other important factors like area, footfall, and special occasions.

The importance of Deep cleaning has significantly increased since the coronavirus came along. In a short period, the endemic turned into a pandemic due to the high transmission rate of the virus and Covid-19 was spreading uncontrollably which put the governments on high alert. The early months of the pandemic shifted the business entities to work from home. As the situation began to stabilize, employees demanded better office cleaning practices before returning to the office as they were apprehensive about their health and transmission of the virus to their loved ones. This prompted business owners to have more frequent deep cleaning services than ever to make their employees return to the offices.

According to surveys, the majority of those surveyed (89.9%) office hygiene regimes are very important, (93.3%) of jabbed and 82.2% of un-jabbed respondents agreed. The Pandemic made all of us more aware of the importance of cleaning and businesses started considering professional cleaners to provide them with a cleaning service so that they can have their employees back in the office.

If we look at the pre-covid conditions, we didn’t see many cleaners in the daytime, as most of the cleaning services were provided at night, but during the covid even till now, they switched from night shift to day shift as people want to see some specific regions that are being cleaned more often like door handles, lift buttons, stair grills.

Survey respondents stated that Covid is not the only thing they are worried about, they showed concern regarding overall health and cleanliness in the workplace. Upon asking what message they want to send their employers about cleaning, one responder mentioned to their employer that said, “washing and disinfecting are crucial in any office to stop infections in general, not just Covid.”

Now, deep cleaning practices are conducted frequently, to safeguard employee’s health, as offices are like employees’ second homes because they spend 1/3rd of their time in the office so it becomes important for a business owner to opt for the best cleaning service and have a decent cleaning regime to maintain the sanity of the premises.

Various Cleaning strategies also play a major role in deep cleaning practices, these strategies are mostly used in Hospitals and healthcare centers, and they have been extremely effective during the novel coronavirus 2019.

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